The Right Now Gets Over You

Continuing the legacy of good music coming out of the Windy City, Chicago’s The Right Now dropped their second record Gets Over You recently. Their first record Carry Me Home introduced us to a hard driving, but sweet Chi-town soulful sound, and on their sophomore record, they are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it any more. No more love games. In other words: they are over you. Gets Over You is nine songs of betrayal, cheating lovers, and shady love affairs. Produced by Sergio Rios of Orgone fame and recorded in one sweltering week in Los Angeles at Killion Sound, The Right Now have grown up right before our eyes. A more mature, but definitely still soulful and funky sound emit from the grooves of this record.

Where “I Can’t Speak For You” is equally Wilson Picket’s female alter ego and The Talking Heads (check out the bassline), “Should’ve Told Me” channels the Reverend Al Green, and “Can’t Keep Running Around” and “Half As Much” easily could have been written for Amy Winehouse. “Tell Everyone the Truth” is upbeat and begging for a confessional through a wave of great horn work and drumming, and “Call Girl” tiptoes along some soulful Disco and is begging to be remixed. So much so, that Jason Kriv from Deep & Disco did just that here. The only tune close to a ballad, “Higher” speaks on the elevation of your significant other’s love, reminiscent of the Supremes “Keep Me Hangin’ On”. Listen closely for that. A great homage whether planned or unplanned. Lead singer Stephanie Berecz has quite a voice. Able to switch it up from Funk to Soul to Disco and even smoothing it out on the R & B tip on ” ‘Til It Went Wrong”, her voice can not be denied. The Right Now are on to something with this record. They say that hardships build character, make you stronger, and adversity makes you be a better person. The Right Now seem to have risen above any adversities, took a stand for what they believe in, and put out one hell of a record. The vinyl version of Gets Over You was pressed up on 180g vinyl at United Record Pressing in Nashville, who have a long history of pressing up records for the likes of Vee Jay and Motown artists. This band knows its history as well as its music, and there’s one thing they are not over: making good music.

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He Used To Be Official Video by The Right Now

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