On The Spot Trio – Suction

When I asked a prominent modern Funk and Soul record industry person (and DJ) if they had heard about Colemine Records a few months ago, I got a “never heard of them” look and a polite “No I haven’t” answer. This really surprised me. I know I live in my little FMF bubble, where the I have my nose in Rufus Harley records as opposed to anything new, but I’d like to think that I’m in the know when it comes to the newer Funk and Soul labels. I have to. These guys are carrying the torch for the thousands of artists who started this sound. The more I thought about it, the sadder I got. This was a major player, and I thought if I was putting out the same kind of music (even on different levels), bottom line is that a label like Colemine is still a peer. So here’s a chance for all you people who haven’t heard of Colemine Records to go check out their stable of diverse but funky artists.

A double sider, the beginning of “Suction” reminds me for a second of Panic Buttons “O-Wow” but then crosses over into some really heavy hammond action. Colemine has been serving up a wide variety of bands like Ikbe Shakedown, The Jive Turkeys, Monophonics and more, so On The Spot Trio fits right in. This trio is definitely tight and funky, with much attention to the beat. A hammond explosion served up with some funky drummer, “Suction” is a nice little track to kick off the Summer with. Turn up your portable, put some burgers on the grill, crack open a cold one, and let The On The Spot Trio be the background to your Summer evening. The flip, “Critically Acclaimed Shit”, features some fuzzy tones and heavy drums, that you could put into a Ballin’ Jack type of sound. More hammond (and why not?) throughout and this trio can definitely hold it down.

If you’re not familiar with Terry Cole and his little Midwest Funk and Soul dynasty, please do your best to get familiar. Colemine is the little label that could, so get these 7″ before they are all gone.

Listen to or Download On The Spot Trio – Suction from the Colemine 45

Available at Dusty Groove Chicago at the moment, but after June 26th, look for this release at better record stores everywhere.

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6 responses to “On The Spot Trio – Suction

  1. Yeah this label is constantly putting out great music from a lot of different bands. Colemine is going to go far. They do a great job at putting out funky records.

  2. I ordered some records from Terry Cole and while he was vacationing he emailed that one release was temporarily outta stock but he managed to scrounge one up and threw in a bonus 45 for the small delay. Little extras like that go a long way in making a successful label. The wax and labels are quality as well, not to mention the great tunes.

  3. Hey guys, thanks for the kind words. It truly means a lot and really drives me to keep going with this. It wasn’t until this year that I’ve started to really see how well the label is prospering as our extended family is growing every day. We’re definitely no fly by night label or overnight success story, but instead were going the route of the tortoise…..because I like turtles.

    And I’m sure FMF will keep everyone up on our upcoming releases, because we’ve got some fire coming out! The newest project is a breakbeat LP where everyone on the label is contributing some breaks. It’s gonna be sick!

    Thanks again, there is no way I could do this without the support you guys offer.


  4. I agree with all of the above and really have nothing to add. Other than that the Jungle Fire 45 is off the f***in chain! Woohah, got me 3 of those, as I know I’ll probably destroy one by flogging it so hard. True story. And while I’ve never met Terry face-to-face, I’m sure he can slowdance with the best of them. Little off topic.. Anyway. I have I think 6 (?) 45’s from Colemine offhand, and they’re all good. So thaks to the admin here for helping them out. I think you’re awesome. 😀

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