DJ Shadow’s Home Studio Footage from 1995

Mention the word Entroducing to Hip Hop or DJ fans and they will immediately remember where they were when they got a copy of the now 16 year old classic from DJ Shadow. I distinctively remember DJ Prime Mundo saying: “some instrumental Hip Hop guy from the Bay area that has drums for
days”….that’s all I needed I was hooked. Here we are some twenty something years later and Josh Davis aka DJ Shadow has done just about everything a DJ and producer can do, and more. Always a huge favorite here at FMF, he has tied in the release of MPC Era (1992-1996) with a release of some lost footage in his home studio circa 1995. The interesting thing I see, are all these records that were just records then, not hot, big money commodities. Look closely between the Public Enemy, Divine Styler and James LaVelle posters and you will see Johnny Gordon & the Soul Brothers, Trouble Neck Brothers (“Back to the Hip Hop”) and the flip of “The Gigilo”, “The Lonliest One” by Gene Anderson plus Shadow killing some drum on the turntable and a bonus “fat drum” beat on his MPC 60. Incredible stuff.

Get The MPC Era from DJ Shadow here.

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