Weekend Sun – You’re Good To Me

When you find your musical partner, you just know it. Influenced by Dub, Hip Hop, Soul, Jazz, Reggae, Easy Listening, Movie Soundtracks, 70’s Porn flicks, Klaus, Herr Last, Ninja Tune, House, and James Brown to name a few, DJ Chris Tarn & double bass player Phil Smith got together and knew they had to make music. Drawing from these diverse influences and bonding over the sampling of such things off of vinyl, Weekend Sun was formed. A sort of collective of live musicians, vocalists, and samples, Weekend Sun hails from Darlington in the UK. What started out as a sampling project grew to include the aforementioned musicians, and when their tapes were passed out among friends, said tapes caught the eyes and ears of Craig Charles, The Jelly Jazz Show as well as being popular on radio stations in the Northeast. The rest, they say, is history.

Hero records will be releasing their debut later this month. This side is a great combination of digital and analog work (now leaning more to the live band), Weekend Sun definitely has a throwback feel: Jazzy, Funky and Soulful. I want to listen to this whilst drinking a large glass of Pimm’s please. The sweet vocals by Esther Taylor on “You’re Good To Me” pair up nicely with the live band. A little Brand New Heavies and Jazzmatazz sounding throughout. I personally love the percussion throughout the track. There are a few quality remixes as well, with the Renegades of Jazz and B-Boy remix (of the flip) both stepping it up to breaker territory. Get out your linoleum and windmill. The first 45 “Running” was done in limited quantities, so when this side is released in a variety of mediums, make sure you get the 7″. We all love a little weekend sun when we’re not working, but this time you get it all week long.

You’re Good To Me

Keep Running

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Look for the band’s debut record over at Hero Records and get the single now!

Keep Diggin’!

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