Weekend Sun – Forever Tomorrow

artworks-000083284983-e7rpq9-t500x500After two well received 7″ releases, Weekend Sun are back with a full length record Forever Tomorrow. A melting pot of funky music, their debut release is a compilation of all their diverse influences spit back out into their signature sound. These influences run the gamut from 60’s soul, dance floor jazz, 90’s hip hop, a bit of the old to the new if you will. Think a New Orleans funk sound resting nicely along some Tribe Called Quest as Be Bop trumpets play next to break beats. Their influences run deeep with an extra e. This band is not only influenced by quality musicians from both the present and the past, but they give that nod to the fullest on Forever Tomorrow. The bar has been raised since their previous 45 releases. With a dozen tunes, Weekend Sun offer up a strong first effort they should be more than proud of. “Keep Running”, with it’s Zombies hook is a soulful track, complete with silky horn stabs and haunting piano riff that makes you shimmy. “Love Remains” reminds us of a Soul II Soul meets St. Germaine collabo, while “Not My Problem” is filled with hip hop beats and funky organ while the funky flute on “Jose Paronella” will get butts straight to the dance floor. So tighten up those laces please. “Talk To Me” has a dub by, tripped out feel, and it’s nice to see Weekend Sun throwing in some reggae influence on this track. They even sneak in a little disco in on “Feeling Inside”, and round it out with a Motown sound on “Moody Old Man” and down tempo moods on “St. Vincent”. It’s a wild ride Weekend Sun are offering up, and despite the band’s name, these tunes work well on a rainy day too. Available on August 4th on Kudos, find this release at better record stores and online.

Keep Diggin’!

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