Fortune West – Old Friends EP

artworks-000085804227-lq5558-t500x500Today we have some left of center instrumental hip hop fused with a bit of electronica coming out of Phillytown, which btw has always offered up some great music. Fortune West is Corey Wilson, a musician who has been making music since 2009 when he was enrolled at Drexel University. He is also half of the production team of BmbuWEST with fellow Philadelphia producer John “Bmbu” Alsace. The Old Friends EP is a trip through blipped out samples over hip hop drums. Airy and atmospheric, FW runs through downtempo tracks like “Parting”, with its guitar loop and synth lines as well as tracks like “Ahhh” which could easily have an emcee rhyme over. Speaking of, “No Rest” features his potna’ BMBU spitting bars over some boom map meets classical piano ish. Our fave track, “Waiting For The Sunset” has just the right amount of knock to over a filtered vocal sample. Call it trip hop, call it electronica, call it whatever you want. We will just call it good. It’s great to hear something like this come through the pipe and more producers getting mad creative with their production styles and samples. Not everyone wants to be on commercial radio, and that’s a good thing. One thing for sure is that Fortune West and his third release seem to be the charm, so get on this bike and ride it. If you like it, go get those other two releases and support independent music. The fate of good music on this planet depends on this. Ok, that’s a bit dramatic, but you get the message.

More on Fortune West here.

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