Wild Style Breakbeats Box Set

unnamedWild Style is a movie that was a game changer. The public got a chance to peek into a world most had never seen before. The music, the style, the graffiti, it was all there. Hip Hop culture defined. It influenced many, including legendary DJ/ producer and Wild Style fanatic Kenny Dope, whose record company Kay Dee has joined forces with Get On Down to put out the Wild Style Breakbeats 45 box set book, available on August 12th.
Here’s the scenario: The breakbeat records were originally played by Leonardo “Lenny Ferrari” Ferraro, a jazz-raised R & B drummer, and guitarist Chris Stein, from the band Blondie, pressed up in about a week’s time in 1981. They were only given to the DJs in the film, GrandWizzard Theodore, Charlie Chase and Kevie Kev Rockwell. A small amount of these 12″ records only existed. Naturally, they are a holy grail for vinyl collectors and have been badly bootlegged over the years. This time, however, taken directly from the source reel to reel tapes, and licensed officially from director Charlie Ahearn, Kay Dee/ Get On Down will be reissuing these important and highly sought after breakbeats in a specialty box set of 7″ records. unnamed-2

Here’s what the set features:

13 songs total, spread out over seven “big hole” 45s (each with a different label color)

· Re-EQed audio with re-edited / extended audio versions of each song, modified from original source tapes

· Extensive liner notes in a 28-page book (with text by author Brian Coleman), including dozens of images – from “Wild Style” director Charlie Ahearn, among other sources – as well as interviews with Fab 5 Freddy, Chris Stein and GrandWizzard Theodore

· The 14th side (the B-side of the seventh 45) features unique etchings with different “Wild Style” graphics

· Unique “Kay-Dee Casebook” packaging – all seven 7-inches fit into a book as self-contained pages

What’s great about this box set, is not only do the breakbeats get a proper release, the length of each song (originally about a minute each) gets extended and the audio quality is top notch. Previously available on bootlegs, this box set sees these important records get put out to the public and done right. Finally the respect it deserves but never has been given officially. Wild Style Breakbeats will touch fanatics, b boys, DJs, and all who have been changed by this piece of culture. Check out a snippet of the box set below:

Pre-order at Kay Dee Records here.

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