DJ Spinna Presents: The Eccentric Movements of José James Mixtape

Turn down the lights, grab your girl, because DJ Spinna is gonna get you in the mood ifyaknowhutimean. Better yet, if you don’t have a girl, go on and relax with yourself completely with this mix. One of the best selector’s out of King’s County, Spinna has been mixing and releasing great original music for a long time. Whether it’s Hip Hop, House, Stevie Vs. Prince, Forever Michael, all 45’s and beyond, Spinna keeps innovating. I got turned on to this mix from the Ambassador himself Allen Thayer, and from the time I pressed play I knew I had to share. This time around Spinna takes early and upcoming releases plus remixes (which step into some light drum and bass among other beat oriented genres) of Blue Note artist Jose James and mixes these tunes in perfectly. Before you know it, your ride is over and you’re ready to go again. I can easily put this thing on a Sunday morning while cooking breakfast or just hanging out with my lady. Jose James’ smooth vocals echo a newer Al Green or Bill Withers with a bit of Donnie Hathaway and Gil Scott-Heron rounding it out. In other words, Jose James is one bad dude. Not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good. DJ Spinna takes this already great artist’s partial body of work and puts together a really great mix.

Here’s what Spinna’s Soundcloud had to say about the project:

“DJ Spinna’s latest project shows off the amazing talents of Brooklyn based soul singer, Jose James. The Eccentric Movements of Jose James takes you on a musical journey thru James’ earlier works with sprinklings of music from his forthcoming Blue Note release. A couple of familiar favorites are blended effortlessly with the crooner’s eclectic mix of jazz funk and soul making this a sweet end of summer treat.”

Don’t sleep on this thing, it’s a burner.

1. Love Connection
2. Code
3. Park Bench People
4. Love
5. Come To My Door
6. Made For Love
7. It’s All Over
8. Save Your Love
9. Lay You Down
10. Trouble
11. Vanguard
12. Promise In Love
13. Detroit Loveletter
14. Sword – Gun
15. Velvet
16. Desire (Moodyman Remix)
17. Warriors
18. Warriors SBRKT Remix)
19. Tomorrow

Keep Diggin’!

2 responses to “DJ Spinna Presents: The Eccentric Movements of José James Mixtape

  1. I’m only 3 songs in and this mix is blowing my mind and mellowing my mood! No download link though. Any idea how I can cop this?

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