Freqnik and WDRE – Favela B-Boy Funk

Here is an upcoming release from two musicians who describe themselves as “normal dudes who want to put out music…and have fun.” Freqnik and WDRE are two long time skateboarders who became record nerds and turned their love of records, record diggin’, and good drums into a music project. The story starts out on Long Island, NY, where the Special Sauce skate and record shop sold break records to the likes of Bobbito Garcia, Kenny Dope, Nikodemus, and Ge-ology among others in the late 90’s. Fast forward to today. Freqnik works for Red Bull as a DJ and talent scout in the NYC area, and WDRE is that record guy. A dude who never forgets a drum break or sample and has a knack for drums. Together, they have put out a string of remixes. From Eric B. and Rakim to Lords of the Underground to Gangstarr to Mobb Deep and then some, this duo has consistently used their digging talents to craft tasty beats to go underneath these classics. From these remixes, comes their first release on the Boro label, “B-Boy Favela Funk.”

“ Normal dudes who want to put out music…and have fun. ”

From the giddy up, this track is a B-Boy’s dream. Uptempo drums and a quality horn stabs combine with some hard hitting percussion. With a few break downs to showcase your uprocking talents, lace those Pumas tight because you are going to have to give it your all when doing your routine to this 7″. A future dance floor filler, this record has already been played at world wide B-Boys jams and been well received. If you didn’t know that this record was released in 2012, it could easily be mistaken for some 70’s Latin joint breakers were breaking to at a park jam. Even if DJing or B-Boying isn’t your thing, you can not deny the strength of this side. Freqnik and WDRE showcase both their ability to spot a good sample while digging and their great production skills on this track. Flea Market Funk is looking forward to their next release (already at the plant), which will be a remix of Big Daddy Kane’s “Set It Off”.

Listen to Freqnik and WDRE – Favela B-Boy Funk

This record will be released in the next few weeks and will be available at your local record store, Downtown 304 and other online shops throughout the world.

Get this record from Dusty Groove now!

Check out Freqnik and WDRE on soundcloud.

Keep Diggin’!

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