The Souljazz Orchestra – Cartão Postal

With the end of Summer approaching a few days away, it’s always nice to hang on a little longer to those sunny days, late nights, and for some of us, a little beach time music. The Soul Jazz Orchestra celebrates their first decade of existence with their latest release Solidarity on Strut Records. This Canadian band billed as the “hardest working super group” of Canada has been forging ahead with their stand out signature sound of Soul, Jazz, Afro, Latin and Caribbean rhythms, packed with driving horns and keyboard sounds. Full of guest collaborators with varying musical backgrounds: Jamaica, Senegal, and Brazil, this batch of songs emit a strong a message of positive social change through the music.

From Strut Records:

” ‘Cartão Postal’ (‘Postcard’), a Portuguese-language track from The Souljazz Orchestra’s new album Solidarity, is a mix of semba and samba styles. The lyrics poke gentle fun at touristy beach resorts, while subtly alluding to the contrast with the relative poverty that often surrounds these areas. ”

What we have on this track is exactly why The Souljazz Orchestra has been in such high demand for the last 10 years all over the world. The high energy tropical sound combines Latin rhythms with Samba, Soul, and Jazz to lift the listener higher and fell good. In fact, close your eyes, can’t you see the beach? If not, just take a look at the postcard, then repeat. You will get there eventually. This release is the second for them on Strut records and their fifth overall in their discography. Constantly pushing boundaries, The Souljazz Orchestra is preserving the sound of this type of music and the musicians who performed it before them, while constantly keeping their eyes on the future to see where their new sound will take them. So far, it’s got them all around the world. That’s a lot of postcards.

The Souljazz Orchestra – Bibinay

Check out The Souljazz Orchestra Live here.

Buy the record here.

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