Kenny Cox – Clap Clap! (The Joyful Noise)

Here’s a project we here at Flea Market Funk have been waiting for for a long time. It’s the resurgence of the Strata Records label. A while back we wrote about the Scion IQ project, which among other things talked about the importance of Strata. One of NYC’s heaviest hitters, DJ Amir Abdullah has taken on the task of the reviving this great Detroit record label. His 180 Proof Records aims to re-release the six original commercial records plus 30 unreleased records. Using the original multi-track tapes Amir will “create proper remixes, restorations and covers from the catalog ” according to 180 Proof’s biography. A daunting and meticulous task, but if anyone can do it, Amir can. Here is a guy who has been labeled a King of Diggin’, a man who has dedicated his life to the preservation of music, and the importance to keep this kind of music alive through his many diverse projects. The first release will be Kenny Cox’s Clap Clap!(The Joyful Noise) and 180 Proof has just put out a Soundcloud sampler of what’s to come.

Photo courtesy of TONE

“ In the marketplace of reissues, the music is far too often presented in a void: repackaged, reproduced, and redistributed without the advent of any true historical context. And when it comes to the sound of Black American music, the history – the story – is just as important as anything else. ”

This is an important project, not only because of the impact this great label had on music, but the fact that the label is in good hands and the music will be done right. No ridiculous, fly by night bootlegs like the fiasco that some other great labels had to be reduced to. 180 Proof has integrity and the name behind the label says it all. Amir Abdullah is the real deal, not just a DJ/Producer, but a true historian of music. 180 Proof will not just benefit the entire music community with the amount of undiscovered music about to be put out, but leave a mark on music history, bringing to light these often unknown and forgotten musicians. That’s solid.

Visit the 180 Proof site.

Like 180 Proof on Facebook.

Keep Diggin’!


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