Sample This: Story of the Incredible Bongo Band

Sample This: Story of the Incredible Bongo Band documents one of the most sampled and well know record in Hip Hop’s history. Narrated by Gene Simmons and directed by Dan Forrer, Sample This “is the true story of how an unknown music producer and the greatest studio musicians of the 70’s entwined to create of one of the most influential albums in history. It’s the story of a band that never was, a cult movie and revolutionary music from the streets of New York. A pop culture odyssey that includes Charles Manson, a former Beatle and an infamous mobster.”

“ We’re the people you always heard but never heard of. ”- Mike Deasy, guitarist

The movie has an peculiar premise to it. They’re saying that if Bobby Kennedy was never shot, the revolution in music wouldn’t have got started and random, significant acts that happened in the history of the US contributed to the release of the Incredible Bongo Band’s influential record. It’s an interesting subject and theory, one that definitely peaks curiosity. Count Flea Market Funk all the way in.

The World Premiere will be at the Austin Film Festival in Austin TX October 21. Look for it at a quality theater near you.

Keep Diggin’!

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