The Coup – The Magic Clap

Boots Riley and The Coup come back strong with the track “The Magic Clap” off of their October 30th release Sorry To Bother You on Anti-Records. It’s been six years since their Pick A Better Weapon record and almost twenty since Kill My Landlord came out. Riley, in this author’s opinion one of the best lyricists out here, knows his way around more than just Hip Hop. “Magic Clap”, whose chorus draws heavy from a variation of the Bay City Rollers “Saturday Night” to the spelling of M-A-G-I-C C-L-A-P, is a roller coaster ride of 70’s fuzzy guitar, heavy bass lines, and pounding drums. This Soul meets Punk Rock genre blending side is just the injection music needs at this moment. Whether fronting the Coup, touring with a Rock band, teaching school classes, or being named one of Vibe’s “10 Most Influential People”, Boots Riley is not f*cking around. Focused and ready to take on more than just Hip Hop, The Coup prove further that flying just under the radar doesn’t mean you haven’t made it. Using a melting pot of different styles, this band is making much more than a political statement. Among the ridiculous amount of music released daily, the EDM resurgence, and the continued embrace of auto-tune, The Coup are here to stay. How do we know? Take a listen to the energy and raw power of “The Magic Clap” and you’ll know why.

Here’s the Soundclod track of The Magic Clap:

You can pre-order the record while helping them get a tour bus at the same time (on Kickstarter) here.

Keep Diggin’!

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