DJ Nu-Mark x Quantic: Tropicalifornia

Your favorite funky Uncle Nu is back with another Broken Sunlight Series record. Previously re-working Ernie Hines’ “Our Generation” for No. 3, collabing with J.Live and Tyron and Ayomari on No. 2, and Bumpy Knuckles and Large Professor on No. 1, this time he collaborates with the Will Holland aka Quantic and a flip side featuring Laudir de Oliviera. This record is for all you World Beat guys, the kind who love a little Samba style (if you know what I mean) in your records.

“Tropicalifornia” is a trip through world music with a funky, funky beat. Uncle Nu gets busy on the drums, keyboards, the accordian while Quantic (and friends) do their thing lovely. Live musicians mixed with Nu-Mark’s signature cuts (on toy turntables) and featuring some of his toys from his DJ toy set in the video, “Tropicalifornia” is a journey from the Left Coast to the UK with stops in Latin America and Brazil and beyond. What will Uncle Nu come up with next? You’ll have to stay tuned. He’s about to embark on a tour to the Far East and Australia by the end of the year, so catch DJ Nu-Mark, his toys, and one good DJ set in a venue near you.

Check out more info on his Broken Sunlight series here.

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