Light In the Attic Reissues D’Angelo’s Voodoo

I can remember pulling a white label copy of “Devil’s Pie” for a buck at A1 and a 50 cent score on the “Brown Sugar” 12″ at a flea market close to ten years ago, but I never picked up a vinyl copy of “Voodoo.” After “Brown Sugar” came out in 1995, D’Angelo blew the eff up. The second coming of the next real Soul superstar released this follow up 5 years later. Pulling in Roots drummer Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson and bassist Pino Pallidino for an unstoppable rhythm section, they recorded at NYC’s Ladyland Studios. A place (Electric Ladyland Studios) where Hendrix and Wonder laid down the foundation D’Angelo was picking up. Voodoo became an instant classic (debuting at number one), and the live shows were life changing experiences. After the sexually charged up “Untitled” video D’Angelo kind of fell off.

“ This album is a personal testimony about my life and my emotions. My life kinda changed overnight when Brown Sugar came out. It took me a while just to get used to that – the attention, the money, and everything that comes along with that. ”-D’Angelo

A follow up record was promised, but some twelve years later we are still waiting, and waiting, and waiting. In between that time, there has been plenty of weed, personal struggles, guest appearances on records, and even a some live dates this past year. No new record though. However, we do have Brown Sugar and Voodoo to go back to, who’s sound never gets old. It’s great to see that Light In the Attic will be re-issuing this classic LP. The sound and energy of D’Angelo and his supporting cast of players, IMHO, is one of the great moments in music from the 2000’s.

Here’s what the reissue has to offer:

-Original artwork expanded to a gatefold “tip-on” jacket
-First vinyl reissue since original release in 2000
-New liner notes by Jason King, including interviews with ?uestlove, Pino Palladino, Charlie Hunter, James Poyser, Alan Leeds, and Russ Elevado
-Limited edition first pressing includes double 180-gram wax and a period 5″×5″ press photo of D’angelo.

Pre-Order the reissue from Light In The Attic here.

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2 responses to “Light In the Attic Reissues D’Angelo’s Voodoo

  1. Instead of including a 5×5 glossy, maybe they could have included some bonus audio? I know getting material licensed isn’t always that easy, but LITA seem to have a pretty good track record, and if you’re going to bother with a heavy title like this one, go deep! There’s TONS of additional material. I interned at EMI when his first album dropped, and I remember a lot of extra cuts even back then….

    Some goodies they could have included….
    1. Devil’s Pie (DJ Premier’s RAW Mix)
    2. Devil’s Pie (45 King’s Remix)
    3. Devil’s Pie (Instrumental)
    4. Left & Right without Meth & Redman version
    5. Everybody Loves The Sunshine

  2. Great point. Why couldn’t they have added those? I remember those Devil’s Pie remixes, but not the Sunshine or the Left & Right w/out Red and Meth. Damn..time to go searching….

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