Dizraeli and The Small Gods – Never Mind

File this under quite interesting. Multi-instrumentalist and award winning (BBC Radio 4 Poetry Slam and the Farrago UK Slam Championships) UK rapper Dizraeli, along with World Female Beatbox Champion Bellatrix and the band the Small Gods are an odd lot. The band formed in 2009 to support Dizraeli on his solo effort Engurland in 2009. With live instruments, a beat boxer, and turntablist DJ Downlow (2x UK DMC Finalist), they wowed audiences from Glastonbury to stages all over Europe, made appearances on BBC, and have collaborated with diverse artists such as Chris Wood (2x BBC Folk Singer of the Year) and World Loop Station Champion beatboxer Schlomo. In three short years they have attracted much attention touring, and with new studio time in in 2012, they have released a single, “Never Mind” off of their upcoming 2013 record.

Blending Gypsy Punk rhythms, Hip Hop, and Folk sounds into one, there is a reason Dizraeli and The Small Gods are filed under “quite interesting”. The cheeky humor filled raps from Dizraeli, plus flutist Cate Ferris’ vocal hooks stand out in today’s world of digital, autotune, dub step filled nonsense that saturates the airwaves 24 hours a day. The long lost pieces of a puzzle are the Small Gods sound, which help move their brand of organic Hip Hop on to the next level. It’s if dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip graduated from computer generated electronic beats and actually picked up instruments and slowed down their groove. No disrespect to those lads (Thou Shall Not Kill was a banger), but this is one writer’s opinion. I’m sure they have got the comparison before, but the warmer analog sound of a live band and more room for the groove has kept audiences coming back for another kebab bruv. In other words, they are still hungry for Dizraeli’s sound and they want more. Look for these guys at a venue near you.

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Dizraeli and The Small Gods – Never Mind

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