Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators – Tell Me When

After a whirlwind 7 years, yes I said seven years, massive touring, getting added to President Barack Obama’s campaign playlist, tearing up turntables and radio speakers throughout the world, Nicole Willis and the Soul Investigators are releasing a new record. That is good news to Soul lovers all over the globe. This first single off of the 2013 Timmion release, “Tell Me When (We Can Start Our Love Thing Once Again)” b/w “It’s All Because of You”, is a double sider with heat. A lot has happened since 2005’s debut “Keep Reachin’ Up”. Evolving or should I say maturing, NW&TSI step up their game on this record. These two songs not only show how much these musicians have grown, but how much different they are from any other band out there today. It’s clear that the 7+ years between releases hasn’t hurt this band a bit, and “Tell Me When” may be a second try at love, but to me, the “wiser and stronger since way back when” lyrics speak volumes on how much they have progressed.

On “Tell Me When”, heavy drums and a funky bass line highlight this mid-temp groover. With the addition of some horns, this 7″ is a real winner. Nicole Willis, who needs no introduction in Soul circles, was born in the wrong decade. Her vocals and tales of a second chance at love could easily have been crafted in the back room at Motown rather than present day Helsinki, Finland. This is what Soul music sounded like then and should always sound like now. On “It’s All Because of You”, her voice echoes Curtis Mayfield (who she recorded with back in the past), and Willis again is straight killing it. Heartbreaking and breath taking, it’s all because of artists like them that true Soul music lives on. This will be featured on their 2013 Timmion Records release Tortured Soul, one of the most highly anticipated Soul records to be released next year here at Flea Market Funk. Stay tuned for a tour and more music from these talented musicians.

Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators – Tell Me When Snippet

Buy this record from Timmion here.

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One response to “Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators – Tell Me When

  1. Hey this post is what is known as seriously good news 🙂 There is absolutely NO WAY I can wait til next year for the LP, mind.

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