Straight Outta Sweden

Here’s some new music coming straight out of Sweden, and you may be hearing it for the very first time. Jazz trombonist Kristian Persson has put together something special. His latest project, the electro-acoustic quartet Kristian Persson Elements, blends progressive Jazz, Funk and Soul together into a head nodding frenzy of tunes. Although Persson is still young (24), he has so far left his mark in the music world by playing a significant part in acclaimed projects such as Neigbourhood, Calle Real and the Elin Larsson Group. His unique trombone sound is taken one step further as a leader in KPE. Enlisting the help of fellow musicians Christopher Peduru Aratchi on keyboards, Johan Hansén Larson on bass, and Rasmus Blixt on drums, this project, while still fairly new, looks to make some big noise on the music circuit. Let’s face it, any band that has a trombone player as a leader is dope. “Hälsingland” has an early 70’s feel, a little Brian Augerish mixed with an early 90’s Acid Jazz feel. “Boombap” and “Dog Song” are very reminiscent of that Luv ‘N Haight sound that was blasting from the Ubiquity offices around the same time. What’s great about this sound is it’s really timeless. It can make you head nod, it can make you move, it can change your mood instantly. There are also talks for some vinyl releases in the future, so when that comes together, we’ll let you know. Check out the sounds of Kristian Persson Elements below:

Kristian Persson Elements – Hälsingland [The Siberian Sessions]

Here’s a few more from KEP:

Kristian Persson Elements – Boombap

Kristian Persson Elements – Dog Song

Keep Diggin’!


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