iCrates Annual Project

Let’s face it, we vinyl people are a dying breed. Sure there’s a vinyl resurgence at the moment, but to us it never left. For those who choose to read and learn more about vinyl, there is also a broad spectrum of blogs and websites that highlight different genres of vinyl to peruse at their leisure. But how about if you want to get that same feeling you get when you play a record? You can’t open your computer like a book. You want to feel it, turn an actual page (as opposed to an iPad or laptop), even smell the printing of a publication. What happened to the good, old fashioned magazine about vinyl records? They are few and far between. Sure we have Wax Poetics, which has been carrying the torch for the last 10+ years, and aside from Record Collector and Goldmine, what do you have? Not much. This is all about to change though. If you have been following vinyl on the web, Berlin based iCrates has been delivering all types of vinyl news, reviews, and in depth coverage of records and music for the last year or so. Their design and approach has attracted a lot of attention from readers, artists, vinyl enthusiasts and the like from all over the globe.

“ I have to say that rarely do you see a magazine that provides such in-depth interviews and realistic reviews with people whom you actually want to read about and iCrates magazine checks all of those boxes for me! They definitely have my utmost respect! ” – Amir Abdullah (Kon & Amir)

What they are trying to do now, is do a print version of the best of what iCrates has to offer from the last year’s issues. Enter the iCrates annual. Of course, this is a huge cost (and risk) to enter the print world. To start their project, they have started a Kickstarter campaign. By now, we are all familiar with the machine that is Kickstarter. If you believe in a project like this, feel free to contribute to help them reach their goal. It’s great to see an online magazine go from the web to print. The look, the feel, the format of a magazine, it just seems right in your hands. We here at FMF definitely like to support vinyl projects, as well good people who are trying to keep vinyl alive and kicking in this digital world. Even if it’s just one record, or one publication at a time.

Check out iCrates Kickstarter campaign here.

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