Kista feat. Capp – Livewire Feedback

If you say Hip hop today, people, especially ones that are at the younger end of the spectrum think of skinny jeans, day-glo colors, and 80’s throwback gear. If you talk to the Scarborough, UK producer Kista, you will get a different answer. In fact, you’ll get the right answer: Graffiti, DJing, and Rapping. This graff artist has been living what we call Hip Hop his whole career. A self proclaimed vinyl junkie, Kista is best known for his 1998 cut and paste release Organic Pulsation before releasing a classic 7″ on seminal (now defunct) label artgoespop with Tableek from Maspyke called “Talk With God”. His collaboration with Jan Whitfield from the Poets of Rhythm called Crate Combination had critics saying it was one of his finest projects yet.

Kista is back with his latest effort featuring UK rapper Capp called “Livewire Feedback”, which is now available on a limited edition 7″ via Soundweight Records. A Wildstyle funk bomb, Kista drops a tight beat around a very sweet bass line. Capp comes through correct and even the constant high hat throughout can’t detract from his flow. This is what Hip Hop is. The UK are up on their music history, and Kista makes records like they used to make in the Bronx at the beginning of Hip Hop. His beats are simple but yet speak volumes. Who needs all this extra shit when you have all the basic elements there? When Hip Hop started it was a movement. Kista is continuing with his own movement as well as giving a nod to the elders. As Capp raps “Let the art form breathe”, those words couldn’t be truer. Let Hip Hop breathe and don’t kill it with all this unnecessary bullshit. The flip, “Lowtide” is a lo-fi instrumental that grooves along like a Zamboni at Madison Square Garden. Sprinkle in a “two steps forward” vocal sample and you’re nodding your head. Not just UK Hip Hop, but real Hip Hop is in the building. Kista carries the torch that was passed on from the pioneers to a new generation of producers, beat junkies, and fans of good music.

Get all of the Kista releases 2005-2011 here. Be cool, donate what you can, and support independent music!

Buy the track “Livewire Feedback” here.

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