Kista: The Grand Emporium EP


A while back we heard an excellent double A side 45 from Kista on Soundweight Recordings. He’s back with another release called The Grand Emporium EP. On this effort he teams up with Tableek & Stan illa, Elliot Fresh, and Cappo (off the original 45 cut of last year’s “Livewire”) to make some beautiful music. There are also a remix by Fish and some pretty sweet interludes throughout. Done in a Golden Age style, if you dig indie Hip Hop that leans towards the originators than this record is for you. Crisp drums and samples throughout, The Grand Emporium EP fits right in with your low to mid 90’s BPM 12″s. With plenty of Boom Bap and room to head nod, I’ll take this kind of effort over rappin’ bullshit aka mainstream schlock any day. Check out the sampler below and you be the judge. The limited edition green vinyl drops on April 15th.


Pre-Order from Soundweight Records here.

Keep Diggin’!

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