CSC Funk Band – Funkincense


Remember those break records we all bought in the 90’s? They had horn stabs, samples, beats (Super Duper Duck Breaks was always my shit) and I remember a specific sample: “What Is A DJ If He Can’t Cut?” Well what is a Funk band if they can’t, well, um, funk? If you have the word Funk in your band name, you are already putting some pressure on yourself. It seems like no big deal to the CSC Funk Band, who will be releasing their second record Funkincense on Electric Cowbell Records out of Brooklyn on 4.20.13 (which just happens to be Record Store Day). Drawing influence from Sun Ra’s Lanquidity as much as Funkadelic’s psychedelic tendencies, the diverse styles of each member of the band include a keyboardist from the Akron Family, an Anthony Braxton collaborator, a former drummer from GWAR, and a trombonist from Bad Manners among others. Led by Colin Langenus from the experimental rock troupe USA Is A Monster, all involved have one thing in common: they like to funk it up. This tight outfit was also picked as a house band for a Fat Beats tribute to Guru from Gangstarr in 2011, which further shows their depth as a band.

Funkincense is a veritable cornucopia of sonic delights. “Cather’s Mitt” combines Funkadelic with some Ethiopian Jazz horns (and plenty of guitars) while “Choom Gang” (and it’s funny Total Immersion intro) have a bit of Afro Funk/Soul percussion and a Santana with horns vibe with a funky breakdown. The lead track “Funkincense” could easily have been on a Fishbone record (minus the ramblings of Angelo Moore) and has a Mister Magic kind of sax solo that makes you bop your head. “Make Your Mind” up gave me that JB Monaurail type vibe with it’s funky intro and sax stabs, grabs your attention halfway through with more guitar, while “You Say” leans heavy on the horn section and funky bass, but peppers in some extra percussion for flavor. I got excited for “Ticket To Cabo” because it’s easy listening beginning gives way to building horns and another Afro Funk vibe and some sweet flute blowing. A soundtrack to a movie that hasn’t been made yet. The final two tracks, “Wing Clipper”, a downbeat, jazzy, organ filled jam and “Versace Nachos”, a spaced out cosmic joint round out this full length perfectly. The influences of the CSC Funk band are quite evident. While pushing boundaries in traditional Funk and also adding tinges of Free Jazz, Afro Funk, and World Beat rhythms to their overall sound, it appears that the words Sophomore Slump do not apply here. Recommended if you love experimental Rock, Funk, Jazz, and Soul all rolled up into one. Light up the Funkincense and let it slowly burn inside your brain.

Record release shows for Funkincense April 2013:

Friday April 26
at Secret Project Robot
389 Melrose Street
Brooklyn NY 11237
with Hardbodies

Saturday April 27
at Free Range Music Festival
Belfast, Maine

Sunday April 28
at Deep Thoughts
138B South Street
Boston, MA. 02130
with Aykroyd + Gangsta of Love

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Go to the Electric Cowbell Website for more info.

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