Tee See Connection – Black Mamba


Possibly one of the best press kit lines I have come by in quite a while: “While playing some cheesedick jazz”. Who doesn’t like some cheesedick jazz? Tee See Connection were formed 2 years ago in 2010 while playing the very music just described at, of all places, a Science Educator’s Association meeting where they met Colemine Records owner Terry Cole and started to talk shop, or music more specifically. I guess these science dudes were down with the Soul. Soon Terry linked them up with Jamaal Ochaniwewe, student and protegé of Jive Turkeys organist Matt Amburgy and collaborating with a few members of San Francisco based Monophonics (Kelly Finnigan, Alex Baky, and Ryan Scott), they’ve put out this boss 7″ on Colemine. Their rhythm section features Leroi Conroy on bass, Hubert Patton on guitar, and Bango Reinhardt on, wait for it, drums. The Ohio to California connection has come together to bring a slice of cinematic Soul to your turntable.

“Black Mamba”, moody and brooding, is that heavy instrumental stuff that could easily be playing in the background of some raw Hollywood film. With a sound akin to forefathers of this sound like The Budos Band, El Michels Affair, or Menahan Street Band, Tee See Connection is adding their Mid Coast and Left Coast flavor to this sound, their own brand of slow, instrumental Soul. “Black Mamba” sets a tone, or a mood if you will, and its airy composition is gone before you know it. But wait, don’t run away so fast. The flip is a bad ass dub cover from the movie Top Gun, Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away”. Yes they are dangerous, Ice- man. Another winner from Colemine Records. No more cheesedick Jazz.

Tee See Connection – Black Mamba

Get more information about Tee See Connection on their facebook page.

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