Buff1 – 10,000


After a two year hiatus, Jamall Bufford aka Buff1 is back with the track “10,000”. Buff has a knack for releasing tracks around his born day each December. The past few years he’s put out 2011’s “It’s A 1derful Life” mixtape & 2010’s Crown Royale LP (alongside DJ Rhettmatic). Produced by fellow Athletic Mic League King ( and Big Ups member) 14KT, “10,000” is a laid back 808 trip that incorporates a choir and is chock full of synthesizer sounds beneath Buff’s smooth flow. The beat, to me, although slower, takes me back to being a teen and discovering “Posse On Broadway” and realizing West Coast Rap went further than Cali. This is definitely no West Coast shit though, the Midwest is in the house. A tribute to his fans that he can depend on, “more like 10,000 friends”, Bufford has proved he can be depended on as well. He has taken the past few years to “rest, regroup & reevaluate” and work at the Ann Arbor, Michigan teen center the Neutral Zone as the emcee workshop advisor. This is the kind of stuff we like to see at Flea Market Funk, people making a difference, and not just in the way they touch people with their music. This track is on repeat here at the lab, and after hearing this, you’ll do the same. Salute!

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