Olympic Cyclone Band – Little Drummer Boy


From Jalapeno Records comes one of the funkiest records this holiday season. You thought Bing and The Thin White Duke were getting down on this holiday classic? Time to give it some more thought. You should hear what the Olympic Cyclone Band does…..one word: FUN-KAYYY! Some easy listening Jazz Funk meets Charlie Brown X-Mas meets the classics here. All of you B Boys will love the big break that is in this track. Let’s not forget the huge bass line throughout. FMF can not make this stuff up, and we love it. We’re trying to get in the spirit as the holidays grow closer, and hopefully this record will get you on your way. Play this loud at your office holiday party.

If you want some Funk in your holidays, get it from Jalapeno here!

Keep Diggin’!


DMX Singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

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