Flea Market Funk x Tucker & Bloom


Here at FMF, we’d like to think that we have good taste. Of course good taste is a matter of opinion, but we really do strive to bring you the best in music, vinyl, DJ’s and the culture that goes along with them. For as long as I have been DJing and traveling to DJ I’ve struggled with all kinds of equipment and gear until I finally got what I like, what works, and then brought it to the pages of this very site. A company that we have featured this past year is Tucker & Bloom. Their products are endorsed by real, working and traveling well known vinyl slingers such as Cosmo Baker, Rich Medina, and T & B co-owner Case Bloom. These sturdy, bespoke bags are just what the doctor ordered for the DJ on the go. You don’t have to be a DJ though to appreciate and use these unique bags, messenger bags, and totes. Whether you’re digging for records, running for the gate at an airport in Iceland with your vinyl, or biking full speed in your city, these bags are tough and made to last. They also have a lifetime guarantee. Now that’s a company that is dedicated to customer service as well as putting out the best product they can.


Flea Market Funk and Tucker & Bloom have teamed up to offer you 20% off of all bags (except their exclusive items: Cosmo Baker, Pendleton, or Leather flap North to Souths). We both feel that you need a new bag in your life, and so does that digger or DJ friend of yours. Simply add this code to your order at checkout to save:


That’s it. Thanks for supporting Flea Market Funk and Tucker & Bloom. Once you use this bag, you will never need another.

Shop Tucker & Bloom here.

Keep Diggin’!

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