Nas Illmatic Gold Edition Limited Box Set


Just in time for the holidays, Get On Down is at it again. This time it’s one of the most defining, and most important Hip Hop records of the 90’s, Illmatic from Nas. This barely 20 rapper’s debut featured production from NYC’s finest: DJ Premier, Large Professor, Q Tip, Pete Rock and L.E.S, and was given an unheard of 5 mic review by The Source magazine, a feat never done before for a debut in the pages of the magazine. Heads were waiting for this record after his verse on “Live At the BBQ”, and when this full length dropped, it was boom bap from start to finish. Do you remember where you were the first time you heard Illmatic? I was in college radio, and the Rap director would hide all these records for his show, but I remember hearing it thinking “This is going to be huge.” And it was. Relive East Coast Rap’s glory days with these deluxe limited edition packages brought to you by Boston’s Get On Down. There will be two different packages available, a CD & LP Deluxe Bundle, and a CD-only Deluxe Package. This way if you want to drop the needle on your turntable again on this one or just pop the CD into your computer, you have the choice. You know here at FMF we always fiend for the vinyl, so that’s what we will be getting.

“ If they stop putting [out] records, and they don’t put nothing on the radio and they say, ‘f*ck rap,’ and drop me… I’ll still be rhyming. ” – Nas, quoted in Columbia’s Illmatic press release (1994)

Deluxe “Gold Edition” CD set features:

·24k Audiophile Gold Disc CD with re-mastered audio and actual 24-karat gold embedded in the CD, housed in a “Cherrywood Trophy Box” with gold plaque
[limited to 2,000 CD sets]
· 48-page full-color, hard-cover book including liner notes from The Source founder Jon Schecter, extended artwork and full album lyrics
· Black 2-piece outer box with 1994 “Nas” red-on-white logo sticker [ orders only]
· Reproduction of 1994 Illmatic press release, with two 8 x 10 glossy promo photos from Illmatic PR campaign [ orders only]
· Rare 1994 promotional poster with full album lyrics printed on back [ orders only]

It’s dope to see the original promo items reproduced for the deluxe package. All you Hip Hop historians take note, you won’t see these promo items again. If you like your Hip Hop from the 90’s (who doesn’t) and you want to grab a piece of the past, then this box set is for you. Even if you’re just getting introduced to Nas, by all means this is the record to get. With five singles, great production by legendary producers, and a definitive sound of the 90’s Illmatic is the record for you to start on.


Order the Premium Vinyl Collection here.

Order the Limited Edition CD Bundle here.

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