Original Hip Hop Chocolates


As we approach the giving time of the year, we’ll take a left turn here at Flea Market Funk. For the B Boy, DJ, Digger, Producer or emcee in your life, we give you Original Hip Hop Chocolates. Now you may dismiss this as just candy, but I assure you this company sees its product as much more. Their goal is to “inspire a catalyst for discussion on the evolution of art and culture in the world” and create a meditation for Hip Hop culture. Targeting Hip Hop heads as well as chocolate connoisseurs, these chocolates are a change from the normal Hershey bar or candy canes you get in your stocking. Bespoke candy? You know it. What a concept and we applaud the Left Coast company to be the first (and best) to do it. Taking the Hip Hop lifestyle to a different level by adding some original candy to the line up. They’re so popular out West, that the Gallery from the site is a who’s who of Hip Hop. All of course repping the unique chocolate. From Naughty by Nature to Z-Trip and everyone in between, the Hip Hop community can’t get enough of this. I can see Bill Murray a la Lost In Translation (ok Big Daddy Kane would work too) endorsing this: “For the sophisticated B Boy, try Original Hip Hop chocolates……”


You have many elements of Hip Hop in chocolate form to choose from: shell toe adidas, ghetto blaster, microphone, mixtape, MPC2000 (not sure if it’s a XL), brass knuckles, as well as a bunch of organic lollipops in flavors such as Chili Mango, Ginger and Taramindo. Not your typical chocolate, but chocolate for a Hip Hop generation. Don’t try this in your mom’s kitchen, do it under strict Hip Hop supervision. Shout out to Adrian Younge for putting us on to this.

Get more info on Original Hip Hop Chocolates here.

Shop Original Hip Hop Chocolates here.

Keep Diggin’!

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