talk to the people: a live mix

Talk to the People Cover

As I roll into my second week of the Ace Hotel residency, I wanted to drop another live mix. All done in one take and spontaneous (with some pops and clicks and the usual live set stuff you encounter minus the drunk people asking for Shakira), just like my sets on Friday nights. Last week’s mix did really well over at mixcloud, with well over 1000 listens in a very short time. This week’s live mix is heavy on the drums, and has a lot of Funk and Soul, a Brazilian tune recommended to me by Allen Thayer aka The Ambassador, a few Hip Hop joints I have been feeling (any Edan side is genius and some older Roc Marciano plus some classic Tribe), a library track from some Blue Note reinterpreted, and of course some funky Reggae. The intro was one drop that I really cherish. I got it from Guru post Gangstarr, and he was very kind to do a whole slew of drops for me before he passed. You will also hear my man DJ Andy Smith with a few shout outs and some vocal snippets from Club Cheetah (which had a bad ass logo back in the 70’s..tee shirt anyone?)

talk to the people: a live mix Tracklist

Marcos Vallo – Mentira
Madlib – The Mystery (Dilla’s Still Here)
Odetta – Hit or Miss
Quinn Harris & the Masterminds – Stop! (Telling Me Lies)
Roc Marciano – Snow (Instrumental)
Eugene McDaniels – Cherrystones
Deadly Headly – 35 Years from Alpha
Ummah – Down Hear on the Ground
Natural Self – Solomon (Nostalgia 77 Mix)
Edan – Syllable Practice Remix
The Turles – Buzz Saw
Poets of Rhythm – The Upper Class
Ground Hog – Bumpin’
Pigmeat Markam – Who’s Got the Number?
Willie Henderson – Break Your Back
Brian Bennett – It’s A Crazy World
A Tribe Called Quest – Pubic Enemy
Lefty’s Soul Connection – Bam Bam
Dub Specialists – Banana Walk

Listen to talk to the people here.

Keep Diggin’!


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