Alpman: Instrumental Spychedelic Funk


The great collector/DJ/ music historian Pat James Longo said to me recently: “Young people always are in awe of older people’s record collections. Do you know why? Because we were there when it was happening. I bought my Bad Brains “Pay To Cum” 45 for $4 in 1982. They can never experience that.” This is true, if you were actually living it, you were able to experience and document it (through vinyl) first hand. Newcomers can try and get all those records, but I highly doubt they will get them at that price. It might happen, but the point is, if you were there you have a better chance. That’s just how it goes. What about today? Will future collectors say to today’s vinyl hoarders: “How did you get that Stones Throw 45 or where did you get that Lord Finesse Instrumental flexi-disc (Slice-of-Spice of course!)? You bet they will. You have to be there or be square. So whether you are an old or new collector, and you like your music on the funky or fuzzy side, you might want to check out this young musician/ producer out of Istanbul, Turkey. While you’re at it, scoop his soon to be released 45 for your collection when it becomes available.

“My point is to blend the 1970’s imperfect sound with the depressive and dark feelings of 21st century urban life. ”

Gunes Alpman aka Alpman is an 18 year old Turkish musician and producer. Picking up and learning to play the guitar at 6, it’s now 12 years later he’s blending fuzzed-out bağlama inspired guitar riffs, a driving beat and the Hammond B3 to make his own genre of music he calls “Spychedelic”. The infusion of Funk, Afrobeat, and Psych sounds into his very aural explosion. Next month, Canada’s Kept Records will be releasing his first 45 ” tintm”, available on a limited edition 7″ and digital downlaod. This release fits right in with their other heavy and funky releases from Polyrhythmics and Brownout. It could, by the layman be labeled as Global Grooves, Psychedelic music, or even World Beat, but that would be pigeonholing him. It may sound like that on the outside, but carefully peel back those layers and you will hear what it really is: Instrumental Spychedelic Funk. Enjoy the teaser:

Alpman Psychedelicious Part 2

Check out more Alpman tracks on his soundcloud page.

Follow Alpman on twitter.

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