Alpman – Tintm



A little while ago I spoke briefly about Alpman and his Instrumental Spychedelic Funk. He had dropped a teaser of a few tracks on for this release on Soundcloud. “Tintm” and the flip, “Hypnotic Redhead” are available on Calgary, Alberta’s Kept Records on 7″. If you aren’t aware of this unique artist out of Istanbul, Turkey, then here’s your chance to dive in head first. Heavily influenced by Turkish Psychedelic Funk and Soul and organ Jazz Funk, Alpman comes hard out of the gate on this release. Combining traditional Turkish instruments with conventional heavy Funk methods, this record is really a double A side, forget about the B. “Tintm” could easily be a soundtrack for some fuzzed out Bollywood spy movie and “Hypnotic Redhead”, with it’s psychedelic guitars and heavy thumping drums is the perfect backing track to that acid trip you never got off. Be aware, this guy is young in years, but older and wiser than you might think with his music. Alpman is one to watch.

Buy Alpman’s latest 7″ from Kept Records here.

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