Too Future: A Live Mix


Entering my third week of the December residency at the Ace Hotel in NYC, I was very surprised to see that a few days ago, Josh Davis aka DJ Shadow was booted off stage at his gig in Miami supporting the All Basses Covered tour. In fact, Shadow quipped as he made his confusing exit, “I just wanted to tell Miami I respect you, y’all created the bass, and I’ve waited a long time to play here, but they’re saying this shit’s too future for y’all.” I was pissed really. I had heard that places like Mansion where Shadow played had done this previously, and I know legends like Mark Farina and Jazzy Jeff have been kicked out of the booth in Vegas for not catering to the crowd. It’s a big debate among the DJ/ vinyl community. DJs are hired on the strength of their reputation, people pay money to come see them, and then because they are not catering to the Top 40 crowd in the clerb (bottle service and all), they get kicked out. I hope that Miami has Shadow back again, as he is a really talented dude, an inspiration here at FMF, and a humble guy who does it his way or now way. So for my newest mix, Too Future, I wanted to give a nod to Shadow (with the title and the MPC60), because I have always respected him and done it my way. That’s what you’ll hear at my gigs, and that’s exactly what you’ll get at the Ace Hotel here in NYC when I’m spinning. This mix is just shy of 50 minutes, all live, one take, a few little snags, but something I hope you enjoy as much as I did making it.

Too Future Tracklist:

DJ Shadow Intro
DJ Shadow – The Newborn Hippopotamus/ Jazz Rock Machine
Led Zeppelin – The Wanton Song
Ray Barretto – Right On
3rd Bass – Brooklyn Queens (Dave Dorrell & CJ McIntosh Remix)
Tony Allen – Roadclose (Dance Dub)
DJ Format – Here Comes the Dope Pusher
Jean-Pierre Mirouze – Sexopolis
Breakbeat Junkie & DJP – Rock the Place
Peace, Love, and Freedom – Stuffed Pepper
Soul Machine – Bag of Goodies
Billie Joe Young – The Push
Ba$tard Boot$ – Steviano Italiano
Gangstarr – You Know My Steez
Kool Keith – Still the Best
The Roots – Proceed (Beatminers Remix) Instrumental
The Chosen Few – Reggae Stuff
Big Youth – Marcus Garvey (King Tubby Mix)
Barbara Mason – A Good Man Is Gone
D.I.T.C. – Day One Instrumental
Keb Darge Outro

Check it out via my mixcloud page.

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2 responses to “Too Future: A Live Mix

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  2. Emil Carter here from Mickey and The Soul Generation. Nobody would have ever knew about US if it was not for DJ Shadow. Shadow is the MAN in my Book and he is the future and really really talented. Numero Group will be giving KUDOS to Shadow with a Tenth Anniversary re-release of Mickey and The Soul Generation early spring 2013.

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