R.I.P. Marva Whitney


It seems once again we have lost one of the greats. If the death of Soul Brother Number One, James Brown, who died on Christmas Day in 2006 wasn’t a blow to all of us, I was saddened to hear that Soul Sister #1 Marva Whitney has passed at age 68, very close to the day of JB. A featured vocalist in the James Brown Revue of the 1960’s, she was known for her cover of the Isley’s “It’s My Thing” and the track “Unwind Yourself” among others. “Unwind Yourself”, if you’re not familiar is the sax solo in The 45 King’s “900 Number” as well as the party track by DJ Kool “Let Me Clear My Throat”. She continued to perform as a solo artist and had played two Dig Deeper parties here in Brooklyn in the past years as well as collaborating with DJ Pari and Osaka Monaurail on a record I Am What I Am which she supported with live shows, and seemed to be making a comeback of sorts. She did collapse in 2009 on stage, but recovered and performed again the following year. I’m sad I missed her show here in BK, but her music will live on.

A true legend in Soul music, Marva Whitney will be tremendously missed.

Keep Diggin’!

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