Fumaça Preta – Vou-Me Libertar

Photo Courtesy of Carolyn Bittancourt


Fresh off of their two sided monster of a debut 45 “A Bruxa”, comes Fumaça Preta’s follow up effort on Music With Soul “Vou-me Libertar” (“I’m Gonna Be Free”). Staying with the same heavy Psych Funk, Fumaça Preta simply wail on this record. Heavy organ and hard drums catch the groove and an infectious bass line that eventually moves into another organ freakout and Joel Black Stones yelling: “”Give me back my freedom, you ungrateful. Give me back my life, my peace. You stole everything.” follows soon there after. Insert an organ breakdown, some bongos, and you’re transformed into a scene from the Mod movie Sebastian, deciding whether or not you can fly after drinking some LSD spiked champagne. The B-Side, “Eu era um Cão” (“I Was A Dog”) pays tribute to the Turkish Psych Funk of Erkin Koray and Boris Manço, which the band channels pretty well. This track is definitely the heaviest, fuzzed out guitar based side they have released to date, littered with far out lyrics and a Psych Funk Rock fury that has yet to be seen on a Fumaça Preta 45. While Stones barks his way through the track, James Porch and Stuart Carter show versatility and up the ante with this scorcher. If you’re looking for plain Funk, you’re going to get something different. If you open your mind and let this music take over your body, you will have no problem understanding it. Let go, open up, and let Fumaça Preta take over your mind for 3 minutes or so.

For those of you not familiar with this band, its members are well known in their own right. Vocalist Joel Black Stones is the face behind NYC’s Tropicalia in Furs, one of the best record shops in NYC. James Porch and Stuart Carter of The Grits have been putting out pounding organ Funk in the UK for a minute. This is a lethal combination. Anyone that has encountered Stones will tell you what a really nice guy he is. He is definitely a character, and I believe these releases allow him to be Joel even further. He’s a talented guy all around, and the resident expert in not just Brazilian music is able to express himself fully through these series of 45s.

As I write this, I saw through social media that Tropicalia In Furs is closed, which came as a shock to me. One can only hope that Stones will be opening in a bigger and better place here in the City, but whatever the case, it’s one of the last great vinyl slingers of its kind around, and FMF wishes him good luck on his next endeavor. He’s also got another winner here with these releases on Music With Soul. This record is limited to a 500 run pressing, so get it while you can before they are gone!

Get the record here.

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