Your Daily Vinyl Dose


Along with the daily posts about record culture, reviews, documentaries, digging stories, mixes and the like, we also do a daily Instagram post here at Flea Market Funk. We dig through our own crates (so you don’t have to) and post up a fresh record every day for you to check out. We want to join forces with all you other Instagram vinyl lovers out there, so if you know of anyone who would dig this daily dose of vinyl goodness, please send them our Instagram profile. We love to check out other people’s records as well, so let’s all link up and look at some great music on vinyl! This Instagram is all about records, so leave your duck faced, bathroom shots at home, we just want to see what’s in your crates. Flea Market Funk, bringing the vinyl record community together one record at a time. Pass it on!

Keep Diggin’!

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