odp. – Acorns and Roots


Hailing from Ourense, Spain, Oscar Vázquez aka odp comes correct with his latest effort entitled Acorns and Roots. Vázquez is a multi-instrumentalist as well as a producer. Hand crafting atmospheric, lo-fi and down tempo beats into chapters of a beat book, ODP’s sound reminds me of DJ Cam mixed in with some DJ Krush and a little 90’s Hip Hop drums for good measure. Equally competent behind the mixing board as he is with a guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, flute, bagpipe & percussion, this latest offering, follows the release of 5 mixes of original work in 2012.

Starting off with … “Better Tomorrow”, Acorns and Roots takes shape with a track that the Brand New Heavies could have worked on. While a side like “Elevators” uses the Funky Drummer drum break blended in with some beautiful Jazzy guitar and percussion (all played by ODP himself), “Not MPC On My Beats” is a funked up house groove with a drum beat that will get your head nodding. “Love Theme Of An Untitled Film” is just that, firmly planted in the middle of the mix and easily inserted into some film score, creating ambience and living up to the title’s name. There is an interpretation of “Mr. Lawrence” by Japanese composer/ musician Ryuchi Sakamoto, pushing the tune up-tempo with some decent kicks and snares and lovely keyboard work. A track that stands out to me, and not sure if it was named the same as a D’Angelo record coincidentally, is “Voodoo”. A slow banger, this down and dirty track is your next late night go to side. Hints of R & B are all over this one, and it stands out among the more Jazz influenced tracks on the record. Acorns and Roots continues from his previous release Merokokdanbatuk , where Jazzy tempos and percussion dominated the record and a downtempo tribute to Horace Silver made my day. This latest offering seems a little brighter, but packs the same punch beat wise. A talented musician as well as producer, look for more great projects out of Spain from odp. in the future.

Stream or download Acorn and Roots here.

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One response to “odp. – Acorns and Roots

  1. Hey man, thanks for the review !!! i’m amazed about your words and music knowledgement. Dj Cam & Dj Krush are two of my top 10 producers along with Nujabes, Nicolay, Freddie Joachim, Kero One and a lot of more. The track Voodoo is just like you said. A tribute to D’Angelo. One Love from Spain !!

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