Soundsci – Lyrical Beatdown


I like my drums hard and my MCs to spit it like it’s the last thing they are ever going to say. Soundsci have just put out a sampler from their upcoming release. Oxygen, UGeorge and Audessey kill it over a beat produced by Ollie Teeba. With Bruce Lee samples, heavy drums and a guitar riff sample that is sharp as a tack, this is the hottest joint I’ve heard in 2013.

Loving these lyrics:

“You just an entertainer like Cedric, take those wack rhymes back to Hollywood Fredric.”

“My wifey, I call her coffee, she stay on the grind.”

This is how it should be done. If the rest of the record is anything like this track, I’m opening up my window right now and screaming “Real Hip Hop is in the building!”. I don’t care what my neighbors think. I’ll even wake up my son who’s sleeping, he’s gotta start somewhere with good music. Real deal from start to finish. You be the judge.

Get the Soundsci “Lyrical Beatdown” sampler here.

Keep Diggin’!

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