The Como Mamas: Gospel Soul


Following up on their 2008 Gospel record Como Now, Daptone Records will release Get An Understanding, an acapella record by The Voices of Panola County, Mississippi also known as The Como Mamas. Ester Mae Smith and sisters Angela Taylor and Della Daniels make up this beautiful vocal group. The three have been singing together since they were children and Daptone has kept its course in releasing good music they love. The record label has consistently put out great Soul music, and their commitment to good music in general and a prior release of bands like Naomi Shelton and the Gospel Queens keeps proving they are not one dimensional and just in it for the money. They do it for the love as well. The record was produced by NY sound recordist Michael Reily at Como, Mississippi’s Mt. Mariah Baptist Church in 2005, before their previous release.

“ It feels like home to me, it reminds me of being a little girl singing in church – stomping my feet and clapping along to the songs. The Como Mamas’ music is at the root of everything I do as a soul singer today.” – Sharon Jones

Label boss Gabe Roth says: “Whether you’re talking about hip-hop, country & western, blues or Mozart, all music tries to do the same basic thing: put feeling into sound. The Como Mamas do that just about as close to perfect as you can.” He is right on the money as The Como Mamas intense, 13 track record leaves the listener committed to listen to the whole thing. When is the last time that you could say a record that was primarily made up of traditional Gospel classics did that to you? This record is a vocal record, with no instrumentation except the three ladies’ voices. Powerful and intense, The Como Mamas will touch your soul while stripping down the music to the roots of what music is really made of. Roth also adds “With all Daptone titles, we’re trying to do the same thing: create records that make us proud, records that are soulful and real. Get An Understanding is the essence of that. We hope that listeners will take the time and get all the way into it, because it’s worth the journey.” Powerful stuff not to be missed out on.

Pre-order this record from Daptone available February 5th.

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One response to “The Como Mamas: Gospel Soul

  1. Damn….left so fast after liking this, to immediately make the guys at the New Vinyl shop in town aware of this relief, that I forgot to say “yeah!”…. am brought to tears of joy and wonder every time I spin my copy of Como Now (am welling up just thinking about it…shee-it)… will probably cry myself to dehydration when this hits the turntable!…
    thanks for the awareness

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