Big Ups with Andy Noble

When I started the Big Ups interview series I made a master list of people that were a must have to interview. The Noble brothers were one (ok two) of them. This week I’m featuring Andy Noble, DJ, record digger, former owner of the famous Lotus Land record shop, bassist from the acclaimed Kings Go Forth band (try to find one of their early 45s for cheap), and respected record guy. If you are in the record game and don’t know Andy Noble, as I like to say here: “Get familiar”. This guy knows his music as well as his records. I’m excited and honored to have Andy Noble in my Big Ups series. Enjoy.

Check out Andy featured in the New Yorker from 2010 here.

Follow Andy Noble on twitter.

Andy Noble on soundcloud.

Check out Mark Escribano’s documentary The Super Noble Brothers here.

Keep Diggin’!

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