Freqnik & WDRE: Jazz In The Present Tense Mix


The 90’s sound. The Boom Bap. Acid Jazz. Bringing back some of the Jazz greats and introducing them to a new audience. The Acid Jazz revolution that had records labels like Ubiquity, Acid Jazz and others releasing some smoothed out Jazz influenced cuts that made your head nod. Not only did it influence a whole genre of listeners, but it influenced a whole generation of musicians as well. Everyone from Stestasonic to ATCQ to Gangstarr to Digable Planets to bands like Dream Warriors and Boogie Monsters, not to mention the grip of Golden Age producers (as well as DJs like Krush and Cam) were using Jazz in their music. Acid Jazz took it to another level, it was, um “Slicker this year”… quote Digable. Jazz as a whole influenced many players, and was a definite revolution while it was happening. Although Acid Jazz had its time in the sun, it eventually faded a bit as the next thing took over. However, this period of time to me, is still important. A new interpretation of what once was, another example of the old to the new.

Here we are in 2013, forget radio Hip Hop. They’re too busy rapping about Molly and driving their car into a brick wall after being shot at, all over repetitive beats that put me to sleep. Enter Freqnik and WDRE, remember these guys? Last year they released a Big Daddy Kane remix ans well as the “Favela B-Boy Funk” single. They’ve just gone against the grain and put out a new mix: Jazz In The Present Tense. Chock full of jazzy beats and grooves and definitely full of the boom bap (not to mention some pretty great samples), these guys are taking it back once again. So sit back, and unwind your mind. Alright, Alright now!

Keep Diggin’!

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