The Liquidators – Return of Django



This past weekend my wife and I decided to hit the Brooklyn Flea in its Winter home, right near the Barclay’s Center. We’ve gone a few times and I only managed to score a few Reggae 45s that were over priced while simultaneously putting back some severely overpriced Jazz records shaking my head. The Flea has grown from like 200 people in a schoolyard to this international destination of tourists, hipsters and Brooklynites all looking for something different. I, personally like to hit the food section in the basement and feast on some gourmet street food (especially some Passion Fruit glazed doughnuts from Bed Stuy’s Dough, probably the best doughnuts in the city) inbetween digs. It’s a scene, but you’ll find everything from artisan food to leather goods to vinyl to bespoke men’s wear and beyond, and may even run into some celebrity. I think I ran into Darrel Hammond from SNL while I was childless for 5 minutes sprinting to get the sweet treats before they were all gone. I was definitely surprised, however, when I dug up this record I have up today in the under $5 bin at the entrance of the flea market. Major traffic area, and no one even gave this thing a second glance. Here’s some Reggae from the short lived Flying Dutchman Reggae label with The Liquidators and “Return of Django” from 1970.

“ I really believe that this kind of music- the word stands for ragged which more or less describes the distinctive beat-is really on the verge of breaking out in this country. ”-Billboard Magazine March 14, 1970

Primarily known for funky Jazz and Jazz records with such artists such as Tom Scott, Gil Scott-Heron, Lonnie Liston Smith, Bucky Pizzarelli, Gato Barbieri, Groove Holmes and Oliver Nelson among others, Bob Thiele and Flying Dutchman decided to capitalize on what John Lennon stated: “Reggae music will be the new trend in music in the 1970’s”. I’m not sure if that ever really came true that early in the 70’s, but Reggae has influenced everyone from The Stones to The Clash and went world wide when Bob Marley took the music and culture and spread his message to the masses in the mid to latter part of the decade. Thiele, mostly known for his work on the Impulse! label with John Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders, and so many more important musicians of our time gave it the old college try with this off shoot of Flying Dutchman. In total they released four albums by Superman, The Liquidators, The Ironmen, and The Heavy Reggae Machine, RS 15001-RS 15004 respectively. Thiele enlisted Jack Baverstock to produce the record. Baverstock had previously been involved with record labels such as Liberty, Imperial, Fontana, and more. Not much out there on the players on this record, but they may be the same musicians who played on this record, Reggae, Steadae, Go by The Aggressors. Mixed feelings on that Aggressors record from the reviews, but on a whole I like The Liquidators record. It’s got a great version of Harry J. Allstars’ “Liquidator” as well as a Reggae version of “Cupid” which is pretty solid as well. I chose the side “Return of Django” written by Lee “Scratch” Perry and performed by the Upsetters from 1969. A Classic tune reworked by what seems to be a bunch of London studio players. Not only is the music decent, I really am excited about the graphic design on this one, put together by the label. Great choice of fonts and the Reggae lettering is dope. Could be the next FMF tee. Nice to pick this record up in the field on the cheap. Keep Diggin’!


Download The Liquidators – Return of Django from The Flying Dutchman Reggae LP Super Reggae here.

Keep Diggin’!

One response to “The Liquidators – Return of Django

  1. Thanks for posting this! Great record, and a great story! I have the first two in the series, The Superman, and The Liquidators. I’m not sure they ever released 15003 or 15004? Did you look into this? I’ve tried to find them the past few years and haven’t ever had any luck.



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