Oxygen – Gone Diggin’

Today we bring you New York’s own, Oxygen aka Ox the Architect and his latest effort “Gone Diggin’ in video form. While it’s not the first record or video to pay tribute to the black crack, it sure is one of the best. The track, produced by Gensu Dean is hard hitting, and the drums on the SP sound better than ever. Name checking some of the baddest records you have come across (or that you wish you had come across) plus shout outs to NYC’s legendary record stores, the video has cameos by a ton of rare records and staples in the record community such as Break Beat Lou, Amir, Chairman Mao, and Jared Boxx among others. Filmed on location at Big City Records (RIP) and Academy Records, this record is a great tribute to all the diggers that go through great lengths to get the vinyl. If you can relate to Fisher Prices, sanitary wipes, masks, rubber gloves, record bags and snacks for diggin’, then you have a problem just like me. You’re not alone though, there are a lot of brothers and sisters who go through the same struggle every day. But hey, look at it this way, records are a good thing, I can’t think of anything else in the world I’d want to be addicted to….now when where is that Melvin Jackson record? Oxygen puts together a BANGER and it’s available on vinyl naturally.

Get your Oxygem fix from Slice of Spice.

Keep Diggin’!


Ox kills it an an instore at Academy in the East Village this past December as Edan DJs. Sad I missed this one.

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