Big Ups with BreakBeat Lou


Today, in the latest Big Ups with Flea Market Funk we have one of the greats. All you DJs out there that came up playing vinyl, digging for records, going to record shops and buying The Ultimate Breaks and Beats compilations will appreciate this. The UBB records were crucial. You had to have two, and they had every genre of music on it: Funk, Soul, Rock, Latin, R & B, Disco and more. The common denominator: a great drum break. Along with the late Lenny Roberts, BreakBeat Lou co-founded the UBB legacy. DJing since 1974, an original B-Boy, producer, and historian of the genre, Lou is a legend in the music industry. These were important records. Lou’s own edits sometimes became more famous than the original song. The extended break in Tom Jones that wasn’t on the Parrot 45 comes to mind as one.

“Hip Hop is a melting pot of all music, not just one genre.”- BreakBeat Lou

Along with the music, the covers from UBB were dope as well. They were graff inspired, grimey, street, and made it stand out in the record rack. Like I said earlier, these records were necessary to have, an important part of DJ culture. This series influenced a whole generation of vinyl slingers and continues to influence a new generation of DJs today. They have even influenced newer producers, who have gone back to the roots of the music, the original breaks and samples featured on UBB and brought it to the mainstream. That’s some influence. Lou is still doing big things today, and it is with great pleasure that he is featured in Big Ups this week.

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