DJ Day – Way Out Living II Mix


One of my favorite DJs, a guy who was featured in Big Ups a while back, DJ Day is promoting his new release, Land of 1000 Chances. Before he went out on this recent whirlwind tour, he took some time out to put this mix together. This is something really special, as it give us, the listener a rare glimpse into some of the inspiration that went into making this records. This second installment of Way Out Living picks right up where the first edition left off, and offers up some old as well as new songs, remixes and the like. If you are not familiar with the artist known as DJ Day, then I urge you to get familiar quick. He is a solid artist, DJ, and an innovator who steers his aural ship through the immense sea of mediocrity released these days and docks it in worldly musical ports way ahead of the competition. In other words: DJ Day is Dope. Enjoy.

Download the mix here.

Buy the Lp here.

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