Big Ups with Oxygen


This week we have a little something special. The latest feature focuses on Strong Island’s Oxygen, aka Ox the Architect. Part of the Soundsci crew, solo artist, crate digger, DJ, member of the Crate Invaders and Vinyl Veterans, SPOX PhD (with DJ Spinna) and all around talented cat, Oxygen has been dropping heat for more than a minute. When not getting down and dirty in the crates, pulling out those rare gems, he’s got the pen in hand, writing some of the dopest lyrics around. The man lives and breathes Hip Hop culture. With a huge nod to the old school in every way, you can tell from the sound and sights of Ox that he is Hip Hop to the core. They always say like minded individuals gravitate towards each other, and I believe it to be true. Oxygen is the real deal, and I’m proud to have a guy doing his own thing the right way this week in Big Ups. If more up and coming emcees would take a cue from Ox, there would be a lot better music going on int his world. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you must learn.

Check out Oxygen repping FMF with The Way We Live 45 tee in the Soundsci Video “The Ultimate”

Needle droppin’Live at Academy Records with with Edan Dec. 2012

Check out Soundsci on facebook.

Follow Oxygen on twitter.

Keep Diggin’!

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