Library Funk: Alan Parker & William Parrish Main Chance Remix


Looks like Freqnik and WDRE are at it again with another remix. They’ve taken it to the B-Boys, laced Big Daddy Kane with some boom bap, provided Oxygen with some goodness, and now it’s time for some Library Funk to get the treatment. They took the Alan Parker & William Parrish side “Main Chance” and funked it up a bit. For those not familiar, Parker and Parrish recorded some stuff for the DeWolfe Studio from the early 70’s to 1980, and laid down some funky ass tracks in that time. Some of these were compiled by BBE 13 years ago. This particular track is originally off of Hogan, The Hawk And Dirty John Crown from 1972. Said Freqnik of the remix:

“Marcellus Wallace was the dude that turned us on to library music, we discovered that track thru him a few years ago and have always had an eye and ear to him and his mixes and records. Always loved it, recently in the snow, bored, the vibe was right to hit that…but more of the Mike Wallace story is, he claims DJ Supreme was an influence of his, and ironically this sounds a lot like Mr. Supreme’s early work with the Sharpshooters. So to me, its kinda interesting how one inspired the other, who inspired the next, and it goes 360.”

If you’re not down with some DeWolfe or KPM library stuff, I suggest you make yourself familiar, you’re missing out. Add this remix to the upcoming resume of Freqnik and WDRE. These guys do it analog with the SP-1200, SP-505, ASR 10, SL-1200 and such. Bringing back that warm, analog sound one remix at a time.

Here’s the original:

More great remixes here.

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