Big Ups with Mr. Krum

In this week’s Big Ups FMF brings you the talented graphic designer and artist Darrell Krum aka Mr. Krum. If you’ve bought any Slice of Spice’s boutique Hip Hop 7″ records or happened to check out the latest DJ Format release, you’ve seen his work. His design is clean, to the point, and a conversation starter. One of the best things about his design is that he combines his love of vinyl records, record covers and record culture into it. A designer after my own heart. Mr. Krum is not just a designer, but a DJ and vinyl record hoarder (ok collector) as well. A member of The Vinyl Veterans as well as Cold Rock Stuff (with Mac McRaw), this guy knows his way around the black crack. He sat down with us this week from his flat in the South Coast of the U.K. to answer a few questions. It’s our pleasure to have this passionate designer/ DJ grace the pages of FMF today. Enjoy!


More of Mr. Krum’s work here.

Keep Diggin’!

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