Lord Finesse – Live From Tokyo Pt.1 (Soundwave Tour 2.14.13)

This just in: Lord Finesse live! from Tokyo courtesy of Slice Of Spice. When Finesse tore it up his last time out, SOS recorded his set and is releasing it FREE in two parts. Here is Part 1. Real Hip Hop is in the building! If you are a fan of Finesse or just plain like good music, you need this in your life. Don’t sleep. Here’s what SOS had to say about this legend:

“If Lord Finesse was a baseball player he’d be in the Robert Hall of Fame for his Triple Crown record in hip-hop. Whether he’s on the microphone, drum machine, or turntables, you know he’ll be chasing that MVP crown. Last month The Underboss and Slice Of Spice hit Japan for the ‘Soundwave Tour’ where Finesse tore it up on the 1s and 2s. We recorded a live 2 hour set on 2.14.13 in Tokyo and as promised we’re sharing it with all his fans in two FREE DOWNLOAD installments. ENJOY!”

More info at Slice of Spice dot com.

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3 responses to “Lord Finesse – Live From Tokyo Pt.1 (Soundwave Tour 2.14.13)

  1. I’m definitely <3in the mix…Hotter than Hot…my type of music…OLE SKL ALL THE WAY!!!!!

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