Beat Diggin’: The DVD


The first documentary on crate diggers called Beat Diggin’ by Jesper Jensen, which kicked off the frenzy of different film makers to do the same, is now out on a limited edition DVD. Back in 1997 Jensen gained access inside the lab of some of New York City’s legendary Hip Hop producers: Da Beatminerz, D.I.T.C and Godfather Don, known for classics by Black Moon, Mos Def, The Fugees, Ultramagnetic MCs, and many more. The process of digging in the crates and using the fruits of their labor to bring otherwise lost vinyl to life through their newly crafted beats is shown to the viewer by Jensen. These beat makers let you have the inside scoop on what goes on from the discovery of the vinyl to the finished product, and everything in between. The viewer gets to see a piece of not just NYC but Hip Hop history up close and personal. Digging in the crates was not exclusive to the 90’s. The culture had its roots in the early 70’s when pioneers like Kool Herc and Bambaataa were digging deep to keep those block parties moving, but this was the film that first captured this art.

A self financed project, Beat Diggin’ gained a cult following worldwide. The film was selected for various film festivals, television, and even sampled on wax since its inception. With a global demand for this film to be on DVD, Jensen has collaborated with indie UK Rap label Crate Escape Records to release this gem in limited edition. This limited edition features the original film plus a bonus second edit featuring a whole new crop of beat smith’s including Masta Ace, Geology and more. This film is a must for your collection next to Beat Kings, Scratch, Red Beans and Rice, and Deep Crates. Diggin’ in the crates will never stop.

Check out the trailer:

Buy the DVD here.

Keep Diggin’!


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