Funk For The People


There are people that have records, and there are people that have records. I’d like to think that in the close to 20 years I’ve been collecting and digging up vinyl that I have a pretty decent collection. Just remember, there are always more records you can get. You can’t have all of them, and someone will always come along and blow your mind with what they have in their crates. When I got introduced to Robert, who curates Funk For The People by a mutual friend, we were introduced with the words “you guys should know each other”. That’s all I needed. Little did I know that this introduction would also be a schooling. When I went home and checked out his site, I was floored. This site good people, is one of the best Funk record sites out there. With a huge variety of deep (did I say deep?) Funk 45s, plus other funky goodness, you will have no problem turning this internet treasure trove of black crack into a go to destination for your vinyl fix. If you haven’t heard of any of these records, well don’t feel bad. Neither did I. For that matter, neither did some other record heavies who make my record collection/ and or record knowledge look small. That’s not a big deal, because the important thing is that you get to listen to great music, and you get a little education as well. Complete with label scans, this is record porn at it’s finest. Highly recommended, Funk For The People will have you scrambling to get some of this goodness. Enjoy.

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Check out the site here.

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